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Knowledge, Elegance & Function

It’s been almost six years since we decided to take the plunge and began to think, draw, and create accessories we will truly enjoy wearing and using everyday, today and for a very long time.

The perfect opportunity to take a step back and see what we’ve been doing all this time…

Born from a desire to create companions that last and never wear out, our world today is that of elegance with meaning, aesthetic choices that play on trends and are based on the function of every product we develop.

Choices inspired by years of passionate research, travel, and all the stories we have shared with you for many years now.

Savoir faire Joseph Bonnie

It’s with the greatest respect for traditional French know-how that we have chosen to honour the work of our craftsmen. An obvious choice, not out of snobbery, nor to follow trends, but out of love of fine works and products that last a lifetime.

We began with watch straps, obvious companions of our favorite timepieces. Very quickly we applied our philosophy to other pieces from the world of watchmaking oriented towards the mobility and transportation of our essential items on a daily basis.

Ceinture cuir pleine fleur marronPorte-Cartes en Cuir Graine MarronMarmotte - Cuir de Vachette Grainé CognacÉtui à lunettes - Cuir de Russie et suédine camel

Because it is not only our watch we take with us every morning, we thought of card holders, a minimalist wallet, satchels, belts and even a strap for your camera. Pouches for carrying or storing a watch, a watch roll for carrying watches, tools and straps.

LIP Genève Chronographe Plaqué Or

The collection has evolved, but with the same attention to detail, the same finishes.

Because we sincerely believe that the nobility and comfort of a high quality product improves the life of its owner.

Welcome to the world of beautiful objects that enhance with time, that which we never tire of using day after day and which when contemplated upon, remind us of our best life moments.

To all who have followed and supported us this past year, Thank You. The adventure continues and we still have many surprises in store for you…

Joseph Bonnie

Joseph Bonnie Selection

Porte-Cartes en Cuir Pigskin Noir
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