What if we told you that we’ve rounded up all you need to clean and take care of your watches in one slim leather pouch?

Tired of make-shift MacGyver solutions for our watches and straps we embarked on a mission to seek out the best products around the world to create … the ultimate watch care kit.

Beauty is weak without function in our books, and vice-versa. Marlon, our watch care kit, is a damn good balance between the two.

Inside this slim leather pouch are solutions to your essential watch care needs:
– a spring bar tool to remove and install watch straps
– Polywatch paste to remove scratches from plexiglass
– Cape Cod Clean Link spray and a soft microfiber cloth to clean and lubricate your steel watches
– and finally Cape Cod Metal Polishing Cloths to make your metal watches shine like their first day on your wrist.

No more excuses. Now is the time to give your precious watches, or those of someone special, what they deserve.