Maverick – JOSEPH BONNIE x HEROES – Black

LIMITED EDITION - Helmet Bag - Cotton Canvas

Made in France

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AUTO HEROES, MOTO HEROES… WATCHES HEROES, very recently the same entity! Popular publications that ignites the passion in all of us for beautiful objects. What could be more logical than this first collaboration between our two worlds?

It was during a meeting with the teams of the “HEROES” Group that our MAVERICK created undeniable and unanimous enthusiasm. The helmet bag’s design, specs and devastating good looks immediately won them over and the idea of ​​a special Limited Edition was born.

We are pleased to present here this “all-black” version with exterior embroidery bearing the HEROES logo on a JOSEPH BONNIE classic.

Limited Edition of 100 pieces

Maverick Joseph Bonnie x Heroes en Coton Noir



Adapted for everyday use usually far from any F-14 Tomcats, Maverick has a slightly smaller build than other helmet bags properly speaking. Its height is much more imposing than a classic bag, making it capable to hold a (very) large number of essentials while never losing its elegant profile.

The original nylon makes way for thick cotton canvas and the black interior lining is water-repellant. That laptop of yours will sit comfortably inside the bag even if you are caught in the rain.



Maverick Joseph Bonnie x Heroes en Coton Noir



In order to preserve Maverick’s loading capacity, we decided to forgo the classic laptop separation and keep the original internal side pockets that securely holds bottles, jugs, or even shoes.

An interior pocket allows quick access to your essentials, passport, telephone, or sunglasses.



Maverick Joseph Bonnie x Heroes en Coton NoirMaverick Joseph Bonnie x Heroes en Coton NoirMaverick Joseph Bonnie x Heroes en Coton Noir




Size: 40×35 cm
Color: All Black
Shell: 100% cotton
Lining: 100% nylon

Zipper closure

Shoulder strap and integrated band to fit through the handle of your wheeled suitcase

2 Exterior pockets closed by metal snap fastener
2 Vertical side interior pockets
1 “Essentials” interior pocket




Ideal When Traveling
A large cotton canvas band located in the back of the bag allows Maverick to firmly attach itself to the handle of your suitcase with wheels.

A Bag That Remains Compact And Elegant
When empty, it becomes flat again and can be rolled for easy storage. When full, its dimensions remain slim and elegant.

A Limited Edition Piece
In the colors of HEROES.

Where To?
To the office, bopping around the city, off for the weekend … or simply to where the open road takes you.



Porte-Cartes en Cuir Pigskin Noir
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