Maverick Helmet Bag - Forest Green Herringbone Harris Tweed

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Who has never come across a label discreetly affixed to a high-quality garment proudly displaying the words “Harris Tweed, Hand Woven”?

This fabric, a true cultural heritage of the Isle of Harris located in the northwest of Scotland (the Hebrides archipelago), is a legend and whose design is governed by the “Harris Tweed Act”.

More than a label, it is a certification declaring that “Harris Tweed must be made from 100% virgin wool dyed and spun in the Hebrides Islands and woven by hand, in the homes of the inhabitants of the Isles of Lewis, Harris Uist and Barra”.


Harris Tweed Content



Its history dates back to 1840 when the Earl of Dunmore, owner of the Isle of Harris, decided to enhance this hostile windswept territory by encouraging its inhabitants to weave the wool of “blackface” sheep to make traditional fabrics in sufficient quantity, and make a trade of it in their production.

It only took 10 years for the reputation of this wool made on the island to go beyond the borders of Scotland.

Almost two centuries later and one of the longest trials in the history of Scotland which opposed the manufacturers of the islands to those of the mainland, Harris Tweed® is put forward by the greatest Houses and many manufacturers as well as other institutions.
Its production was adapted to the demand of the time while retaining this artisanal know-how that we love so much.




Today, three factories on the island receive the wool. If sorting, carding and spinning are done on site, the yarn is then delivered to the homes of the various weavers. Independent or not, the weavers are often fishermen who, when unable to go out to sea, are busy with this activity.

Once the weaving is complete, the fabric is sent back to one of the factories for final finishing touches and inspection.

Once this stage has been successfully passed, the material is exported to whoever can obtain it, for creations affixed with these red and white woven labels, proof of authenticity.

The result is Tweed that is durable, virtually indestructible and waterproof. While it’s particularly warm when used over clothing, it also stands the test of time.

It is for its history, its intrinsic characteristics and its beauty that we have chosen to work with this material that we love so much at JOSEPH BONNIE.




Our MAVERICK Helmet Bag is now adorned with this carded wool fabric, with a thick and heavy twill weave that is almost indestructible and waterproof, Harris Tweed®.

Its format inspired by the helmet bags used by fighter pilots since the 1950s, combined with this legendary material, gives it a new look. More elegant? Perhaps. Distinguished? Definitely.

The result is absolutely superb and the elaborate finishes will delight lovers of well thought out, functional products with timeless aesthetics.

Here is a bag with a classic and historic design, renewed for a multitude of uses, an impressive loading capacity that makes it the ideal companion for every day.

Sac Maverick Harris Tweed Green Forest Herringbone




Suitable for daily use generally far from any F-14 Tomcat, it is slightly smaller than classic “Helmet Bags”. Its height, which is much more imposing than a classic satchel, allows it nevertheless to accommodate a (very) large number of essentials while maintaining an elegant profile.

The cotton canvas and the blue lining give way to a subtle association between a Harris Tweed® with the controlled appellation and a high quality leather in accordance with the tone of the latter.

Sac Maverick Harris Tweed Forest Green Herringbone Interieur




In order not to alter the loading capacity of our MAVERICK TWEED, we have decided not to install a classic laptop divider and to keep the original high side pockets that can safely and vertically accommodate bottles, water bottles or shoes. .

Three inside pockets this time, including one closed by a high quality zipper, allow quick access to your essentials, passport, mobile phone or sunglasses.

Sac Maverick Harris Tweed Green Forest Herringbone




Size: 40 x 35 cm

Harris Tweed “Dark Grey Herringbone” – Pattern 520154 – paired with black leather
Harris Tweed “Forest Green Herringbone” – Pattern 520159 – paired with dark brown leather

Zipper Closure
Shoulder strap and integrated band to fit through the handle of your wheeled suitcase

2 Exterior pockets closed by metal snap fastener
2 Vertical side interior pockets
3 “Essentials” interior pockets


Ideal When Traveling
A large Harris Tweed® band located in the back of the bag allows Maverick to firmly attach itself to the handle of your wheeled suitcase.

A Bag That Remains Compact And Elegant
When empty, it becomes flat again and can be rolled for easy storage. When full, its dimensions remain slim and elegant.

Spot On Finishes
… as well as the materials used. Resistant and impeccable seams, satin brushed hardware and other high quality zippers, this Maverick will not cease to impress you.

Where To?
To the office, around the city, for the weekend … or simply to where the open road takes you.


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