A piece of advice for your watch & straps this summer

Montre de plongée

A piece of advice for your watch & straps this summer

Needless to say, summer is a period to think about for those who wear watches. This is the opportunity to change our straps to better adapt to the summer climate.

Montre de plongée Tudor - Pelagos Surf

Summertime with Your Watch

Depending on your destination, here are a few things to think about:

Perhaps you’re heading towards the sea, the pool, or even a rainforest. Reinforcing water-resistance on your watch before leaving would be an excellent idea. To avoid the penetration of water, yes absolutely, but don’t forget the other enemy, just as destructive, humidity.

Above all, and we can never say it enough, don’t forget the watch pouch or watch roll. 

The choice of the bracelet is also a key element to consider. This is the object that transforms a watch, can adapt to a rise in temperature, and even to a swim in the sea or the pool.

Choosing a Strap this Summer

Why change strap in the summer you ask? A leather bracelet that absorbs sweat continuously will gradually make it deteriorate. And quite frankly, who likes to wear a damp bracelet when you’re hot?



Bracelet de montre Mesh - AcierBracelet de montre en acier

The Steel Bracelet

The steel bracelet is nice in summer provided you don’t fasten it too tight around the wrist, which often swells up a bit when it’s hot out. It will quickly become irritating.

Whether it’s an Oyster bracelet, Milanese mesh, or one with short or long links, it all works.

Rolex Submariner 5513 & bracelet Nato noir nylon

The Classic NATO

Here is a classic strap that we know well and that ‘s perfect for the summer climate: the nylon Nato strap.

Made of fabric, it’ll be easier for our wrists to breathe. Not a minor detail when it is 35°C outside…

And since you can change Nato straps in a blink of an eye, you’re free to satisfy your heart’s desire!

Bracelet de montre TROPIC Caoutchouc Orange

The Tropic Strap

Whether it’s a vintage version or a recent one, made from rubber or silicone, we all have a small crush on the Tropic bracelet. It won’t generate the same heat as leather, and its perforations will allow better air circulation.

It goes superbly well with most watches and adds incredible charm to our favorite Diver.

Bracelet de montre Perlon - Nylon Vert, Noir, BleuBracelet de montre Perlon - Nylon Vert

Perlon Straps

Finally we have the Perlon bracelet, which holds an important place here. It represents the perfect balance between the Nato and our classic straps. The Nato because the strap glides itself under the case, and the classic strap in the way that it’s fastened by a steel buckle. Optimum comfort and maximum utility… in all simplicity.

We’ve made our choice, what about you?

Our favorites for the summer

Porte-Cartes en Cuir Pigskin Noir
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