YOLO JOURNAL – FALL 2022 – Vol. 11

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YOLO Journal Magazine Yolanda Edwards Fall 2022



Four “little” letters … that dream big. Real big. Nickname of Conde Nast Traveler Creative Director and founder of this magazine, Yolanda Edwards, as well as inspiring acronym “you only live once,” YOLO Journal is not only a beautiful travel magazine, but a reminder for us to make the most of our time.

“An escape route” as Yolanda calls it, YOLO grew from a desire to have filtered, tested & approved travel information all in one place. Not an impersonal list of addresses, mind you, but a diary of enchanting stories and unforgettable adventures.



YOLO Journal Magazine Yolanda Edwards Fall 2022YOLO Journal Magazine Yolanda Edwards Fall 2022YOLO Journal Magazine Yolanda Edwards Fall 2022

FALL 2022, On the Road

If we know anything about Yolanda Edwards it’s that she is a keen traveler, and very often on the road. This year her “road trip” across 22 different cities and islands in Italy, France, Greece and Turkey lasted for over 3 months …

It was yet another amazing trip, where she saw so much beauty and tasted so many delicious things, and yet the most memorable moments had more to do with experiences than settings. Bike riding to gather flowers, swimming with her daughter Clara, and sharing a meal with friends were what filled her up the most. Although Yolanda realized that she could’ve done all these things at home, the fact that these experiences took place in Médoc, France, the clear Aegean, and in Istanbul doesn’t hurt either.

For more inspiration, folloYolanda on her adventures on Instagram.




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