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“Matt Hranek is a true friend. I met him in Italy some years back and in no time we became close like brothers. Ever since this friendship has never stopped growing.

He talks, he sings, a Negroni in hand (often), a cigar in the other (sometimes). He has the gift of making you travel through his stories, in a space of a few minutes, before moving on to other horizons.

Yet he always finds his way back.

He shares his amazing joie de vivre with us through this 4th issue of WM Brown. I loved it, and I think you will too!


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Author of the now famous book A Man & His Watch, travel journalist and watch enthusiast (paired with Joseph Bonnie straps of course), Matt Hranek returns with WM BROWN Magazine.

An immersive journey inside the world of an extraordinary man who’s not afraid of words, nor life’s pleasures. You’ll see!

All that we love is in there: cars, cocktails, watches, cigars, masculine elegance … and many other stories told to us by his “Gang.” Individuals we greatly appreciate, especially for their “eye” and exquisite aesthetic sense when reading our surroundings.

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Imagine. Let’s pretend that everything is back to normal, just for a short while..

This new issue of the magazine that we like so much revolves around a theme that is dear to us: the automobile. It’s no coincidence, then, that he calls it “The car issue”.

A way of telling stories about people and cars. It’s also a way to act as if nothing had happened around a small gathering of friends with all the good things in life. A way also to escape on the roads from Italy to the south of Naples and Salerno with the best of companies.

Now we invite you to sit comfortably at home, prepare a nice Negroni, and enjoy the pages of this 6th Edition of WM BROWN.

Happy Travels!

For those who want more, you can follow Matt on his adventures on Instagram.

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Porte-Cartes en Cuir Pigskin Noir
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