NASA Velcro Strap – Black

Black Nylon & Black Velcro

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Meet the nylon VELCRO strap designed by NASA, made with its same exact original specifications. Same materials, same size and same stock number prints: the historical strap choice for your Speedmaster just like the astronauts who took it to the moon. 

The most commonly known version of the NASA strap, the one we usually see on archive photos, is the extra long black version worn over the space suit. Originally in olive green, this is the shorter version of the Velcro strap designed to be worn inside the spaceship.

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Simply because historically speaking, this is probably the most famous and legit strap fit for a Speedmaster. Furthermore, contrary to most other copies on the market, it employs the same original buckle, the same tight nylon weave, and the very same VELCRO band. Not only does this make a more comfortable strap, but also a much more authentic one. 

Materials: Velcro and ballistic nylon
One size: 20mm
Colours: Black or Olive

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Thanks to Peter Czernin, the Speedmaster enthusiast who decided to bring this legendary strap back to life following its same exact specifications. 

Instead of trying to manufacture those straps the cheap way, Peter decided to do it the right way by involving a social program which helps women in need in Germany. Hence all the straps have been hand-stitched in Germany. 

This does mean a steeper price tag, but also, and most importantly, the opportunity to do good while treating yourself. Clearly, we had to get on board.

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Although the straps will make a lot of sense worn on any kind of Speedmaster, they will just as easily spruce up other chronographs, tool-watches and military watches the NASA way. Only thing, those lucky watches will need to have a 20 mm lug width as it only comes in one size. 

Peter’s nice way of saying he did this while first thinking of his fellow Speedy comrades! Fair enough.

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