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Brown Calfskin Leather Belt

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Simple and efficient, this calfskin belt goes well with almost any pair of trousers, whether it’s Saturday night jeans, Sunday brunch chinos, or Monday flannels.

Originally created for saddlery and horse carriages, the Poursin buckle is made from brass, a material that is increasingly saught-after due to its ease of care required. All you need to do is gently polish the belt for it to find its original shine again.

This is a product that we’ve been contemplating and dreaming about, and that we want to offer you today. It’s hard to hide our sense of pride… What’s more, the calfskin belt is handcrafted in France.

Watch Case & Belt - Barenia Brown Leather


A golden brown calfskin leather belt, timeless and elegant, complimenting and enhancing your favorite outfits.

The Poursin buckle, with its traditional French heritage, clearly shows the origin of its craftsmanship.

Thought and developed by true enthusiasts, and traditionally hand-crafted by our artisans in France.

Gold Calfskin Leather Belt