The watch brand Bovet, with a fascinating history, has created memorable chronographs. We are pleased to present a Bovet Mono-Rattrapante chronograph with a sector dial, complete with magnificent measurement scales and markers.

The split-seconds function is offered thanks to a Valjoux 84 movement patented by Bovet in 1939. The pusher at two o’clock acts like a single pusher and allows you to start the chronograph, stop it, and reset it back to zero. But, another interesting function, the crown shape on the pusher allows you, after stopping, to let it resume timing! The pusher at four o’clock allows it, by a marked pressure, to stop the chronograph hand, and by releasing it the hand resumes the position where it should be if it had not been stopped. Wonderful!

This is a piece in good condition, with a nice patina over time, and very beautiful fixed lugs. We note that the base of one of the lugs has been solidified by a jeweller as evidenced by the quality of the work.