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Dear Friends, you’ve recently acquired a vintage watch, fully serviced by our watchmaker, or perhaps a leather accessory handcrafted by our traditional craftsmen in Limoges, France.

Whether it’s a chronograph from the 1960s, a watch strap, an eyeglass case, or a passport cover, we explain here how to care for and live happily ever after with your new companions.


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Leather Watch Straps
Do’s & Don’ts

You see them walking around all over town.
Men and women who have a sparkle in their eye when they look down at their wrist …

Who can blame them? A irresistible watch and watch strap combination never fails to put a smile on our own faces.

Prolonging the life of your leather watch strap, hence, becomes of the utmost importance!

Don’t know where to start? No worries.
We’ve grouped the essentials here:

Do’s and Don’ts when you have a leather watch strap.

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At Joseph Bonnie We Have a Thing for Leather

We love leather and everything about it, the different textures, the way it smells, the look of it …

Which is why we choose the best leathers possible in creating our leather accessories. You may notice some light traces or imperfections on its surface. This doesn’t in any way reflect on its quality, on the contrary, it’s a sign that we’re dealing with a living material, of natural leather.

All our leather accessories are designed in-house here in Paris and made to last. If you take care of your new daily companion, it will stay by your side for a very, very long time.

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Key Takeaways When Caring for
Your Leather Accessories

You’ll hear a lot of different things from different people when we talking about taking care of leather accessories. Besides watch straps, a bit of attention needs to be given to your other daily companions.

Passport covers, eyeglass cases, watch pouches, all will need a bit of tender love and care. Here are the TOP 5 things you need to know:

1. Leather is afraid of water.
We don’t suggest you go near it with your leather goods. Light rain or a sudden splash while doing the dishes doesn’t count.

2. Leather doesn’t like too much sunlight, especially if it’s dark.
Have you noticed your black cover book that you left out all summer? It’s now brown. Yep, that’s the power sunlight. The same will happen to tanned leather goods.

3. Leather loves to be massaged with nourishing cream.
So every once in a while give your companion the royal spa treatment it deserves.

4. If your leather accessory gets dirty, never ever wash it.
It likes getting massages, but hates baths. If it’s just some dirt or mud, wait until it’s dry and simply brush it off. If it’s something a bit more tricky like oily tomato sauce, then you need to act swiftly. Gently wipe off the excess part of the stain with a paper towel, then absorb all you can with it.

5. Leather needs rest.
If you’re using the same strap every single day, chances are it won’t last as long as you’d like. Just like you, it needs R&R every so often. Alternating between a few straps is your best bet to prolong its life span.

Mechanical Watches: More Than Just a Pastime

Our lives are made of adventures, mostly urban, and our watches follow us loyally without saying a word.

As time goes by, these timepieces accumulate dust, dirt and even a number of small scratches.

Just like your favorite pair of moccasins or that 1970s motorcycle you love so much, our watches also need some tender love and care …

Jaeger-Lecoultre Tank Argent Mecanique

Live the Good Life
(with Your Mechanical Watch)

Finally, the mechanical watch you’ve been eyeing in the shop window or online now adorns your wrist.


Needless to say, unlike a quartz watch, the movement animating this timepiece has a large number of moving parts.

To make sure that your mechanical watch stays happy and in good health, there are a few basic guidelines to follow.

Learn all about them here.


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