What your watch may say about you…

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What your watch may say about you

Believe it or not, the watch you have on your wrist can say a lot about you. It’s logical if you think about it. You may change your tie, cufflinks, and socks daily, but isn’t a timepiece one of the rare accessories you keep with you all day, every day? Naturally it may be seen as an extension of your style and personality.

A while back we gave a few suggestions as to what to consider first when Choosing your first “real” watch. For those who are now happy owners, let’s have a bit of fun and see which general category your watch falls under and the messages it may be sending to those around you.

Clearly a degree of generalisation is employed here to illustrate, but regardless, I’m sure you’ll see a degree of truth as well…

The Fashion Accessory

Without naming any names, timepieces that fall under this category are considered “decorative” at best. In most cases the fashion accessory watch is chosen based purely on looks and current “What’s Hot” trends. Owners of this type will change the piece to go with their clothing, their mood, and so on.

Hence, far far away from what we’d call “real” watches.



The message it sends:

I’m not interested in real watches and that’s fine by me.
I wear my watch like a bracelet. And anyway, I tell time on my smartphone.


Omega Constellation Automatic Acier Bracelet Omega Rice Bean - Circa 1960Universal Genève Polerouter - Cadran Gilt - Bracelet Gay Frères

The true “small” find, Swiss or not

Born in Switzerland, Germany, Japan, or somewhere else, these are real watches produced by authentic specialised watchmakers, watches rich with stories and soul. When preserved, these understated but fine pieces may be passed down to future generations.



The message it sends:

My watch is not a simple object and was carefully chosen. It’s discreet and reliable, just like me.

Omega Speedmaster 145Heuer Monaco

The “big” Swiss Piece

Rolex, Omega, Patek Philippe, Jaeger LeCoultre are only a few big names in the fine watches category. Produced by renowned and historic watchmakers, they are easily identifiable. It goes without saying that to be an owner of such a piece entails a certain high social and professional standing.

Generally speaking, exquisite pieces such as these can be boiled down to two types: flashy or discreet.

The only difference being how it’s said. Either in a showy way, or in a much more discreet way…which we tend to see as more tasteful. A Hublot with diamond-set bezel and full gold skeleton dial won’t send the same vibes as a Heuer Monaco 1133B or a vintage Speedmaster 321.



Each sends out a different style of the same status symbol message :

I am successful and can afford this piece.


Nivida GrenchenArcadia - Circa 1940

The diamond in the rough

Whether we’re talking about pieces manufactured by independent watchmakers with discreet cases and intricate movements, or vintage brands that have disappeared and fallen into oblivion you can find for less than 100 EUR, this category brings together the timepieces that most people won’t be able to identify unless you elaborate.



The message it sends:

I’m not a conformist. I’m discreet but full of surprises.
You don’t know what this is? It’d be my pleasure to share its story.


So tell us, which watch do you have? That being asked, we all agree that the watch certainly doesn’t make man, this is obvious.

The man, on the contrary, has the power to “make” a watch, e.g. the Rolex Daytona and the “other” Heuer Monaco. So even if it is true that your watch may send messages, this is by no means permanent. It’s up to us to ensure that our personality make whichever watch we have on a high-quality piece. Challenge accepted?

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