Focus on: Autavia, the “other” Heuer Chronograph

Montre Heuer - Autavia Vintage 2446c - Calibre Valjoux 72

Focus on: Autavia, the "other" Heuer Chronograph

 We already told you a little story about a mighty watch, the Heuer Monaco,, and the men behind it. This week we’re going to continue on this momentum and bring another iconic timepiece into the spotlight: the Autavia chronograph from the same Swiss brand.

Heuer Autavia - Vintage 2446c - Valjoux 72Heuer Autavia - Vintage 2446c - Valjoux 72

Vintage is the new black…

You may have noticed at this year’s Baselworld 2017 that many of the big names in the watch industry resurrected certain emblematic models from their past in the shape of reissues. Apparently, vintage is the new black…and we can’t say we’re disappointed. The 2017 Autavia reissued from TAG Heuer is such an example.

Why the interest in this particular vintage timepiece?

As often with iconic timepieces, there’s usually great history and legends behind them. The chronograph Autavia is no exception. Although released in 1962 as the company’s first wrist chronograph, a first model was actually created much earlier in the 1930’s. Also called Autavia, a name invented by a contraction of the words AUTomobile and AVIAtion, the first piece was destined as a dashboard clock for racing cars and aircraft. As time has shown us, the Autavia chronograph would prove to be much more associated to the world of motor racing than flying.

Bracelet de Montre type Rallye - Cuir de Veau Bleu - Hueur AutaviaHeuer Autavia - Vintage 2446c - Valjoux 72

“The car racing driver’s watch”

As a matter of fact, famous car racing drivers are largely what made this piece so legendary. Many renowned Formula 1 car racing drivers sported the chronograph at the races, manoeuvring like artists in their cockpit.

The model you see before you is a 2nd generation Autavia reference 2446 from 1968, complete with compressor case and a Valjoux 72 movement.

We didn’t need TAG Heuer’s 2017 reissue of the Autavia to trigger our passion for the piece. Along with many watch enthusiasts I’m sure, we were already smitten with this vintage beauty, emblematic of an exciting epoch where champion car racing drivers like Jo Siffert, Mario Andretti, Derek Bell, and Jochen Rindt made us all dream…of speed. A common point they shared? They all wore Heuer chronographs, namely the Autavia.

Given the fact that it’s very difficult to find vintage models in excellent condition, this chronograph is considered as a rare find, and is very sought after by both collectors and aficionados alike. Besides its rarity, perhaps one of the more important reasons of its high demand is its gift of evoking the spirit of the incredible car racing drivers that wore it. An essential piece of history for the motor racing enthusiast.

To go with an Heuer Autavia

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