How to enhance the presence of your watch

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Manipuler l’apparence de votre montre

Despite what some may say, many of you will agree that the wristwatch is the gentleman’s accessory par excellence. Being able to “manipulate” the presence of your watch is thus of the utmost importance. Here are some tricks of the trade to enhance it to your liking.



1. Mind the shape of the strap

Now when we say change the shape of the strap, we don’t mean replace your camel-colored Barenia leather strap with a thick electric-blue faux-alligator one. That would be going against the purpose of enhancing your watch anyway. No, the point here is to remain as close as possible to the original look…but wielding it to our desire.

One way is simply “Nato-fying” the original strap.The result? With a Nato strap, the case sits higher on the wrist, rendering a more visible and stronger presence. Le résultat ? Avec un Nato, le boîtier se positionne plus haut sur le poignet, apportant une présence plus importante à votre garde-temps.

Bracelet de montre - Cuir de vachette marron clairBracelet de montre - Cuir de vachette marron clairBracelet de montre - Cuir de vachette marron clair

2. Mind the color of the dial

You’ll notice that some of your lady friends are alway wearing black (or other dark colors). Maybe it’s because they simply like the color, or maybe because darker colors recede and have a slimming effect while light colors advance and make things look larger. Well, it’s the same with your dial.

A black dial will give the illusion of receding, hence appear smaller and more discreet whereas a light-colored dial will draw the eye and stand out, creating a more prominent look.

You’ll be able to bend this trick to your will depending on your mood.

Bracelet Nato - Cuir Nubuck Gris - Montres TudorBracelet Nato - Cuir Nubuck Gris - Montre TudorBracelet Nato - Cuir Nubuck Gris - Montre Tudor

3. Mind the color of the bezel

Borrowing more or less the same principles of Trick #2: dark colors recede, light colors advance. Let’s take two vintage Submariners with matt black dials and different colors of bezel inserts.

A light-colored ghost insert will stop the opening effect of the black dial, hence reducing the presence of the watch on your wrist. A dark-colored bezel on the other hand will have the opposite effect by making the black surface of the dial look bigger.

Other easy insider tips exist to change your watch’s appearance, of course, don’t fret, we”ll be back soon with more…

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