How to Make a Quality Leather Watch Strap


A Classic Joseph Bonnie Leather Watch Strap

I know what you’re thinking. It’s just a strip of leather, no biggie right? I’m sorry, but so, so wrong. It’s like saying Monet’s Nymphéas or Renoir’s portraits are just splotches of paint, that the Eiffel Tower is a pile of steel (although that’s probably what Parisians would say, they’re always complaining aren’t they?).

It actually takes our leather craftspeople a little less than an hour to make a single Joseph Bonnie leather watch strap. I bet you’re all ears now.

Our classic strap has two pieces, a short piece with a buckle or clasp and keepers, and a long piece with holes for adjustment on your wrist. Sounds pretty straightforward and simple, doesn’t it? Well, it’s actually quite the opposite! Especially when you’re aiming to design and create a high quality strap with high quality finishes.

In the following video (French with English subtitles), our colleague, Nicolas from Les Rhabilleurs, takes you through all the stages of how we make a quality leather watch strap here at Joseph Bonnie.

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Never settle for anything less than a high quality strap.

Now that you have a much clearer idea of how we make a watch strap here at Joseph Bonnie, you understand that a quality strap is the direct result of a quality design, build and finishing. There’s no cheat sheet here.

Joseph Bonnie classic straps are all made with natural fine leather from France (and Spain for our cowhide straps). It’s simply because we believe natural leather is the best. This is especially true if you’re one of our beloved connoisseurs who love the beauty of patina.

Other than the quality of the leather you’re working with, you saw in the video that skilled artisans who master the techniques of various production stages are also crucial in the making of a great watch strap that lasts. 

Whichever leather strap maker you choose in the end, one thing’s for sure. Never settle for anything less than a high quality strap. You may think you’re getting a deal now, but like mamma always says “there’s no such thing as a free lunch.” You’ll regret it later … and perhaps sooner than you think.

Bracelet de montre - Cuir Horween de ballon de basket orange marron

A few examples of our creations

Porte-Cartes en Cuir Pigskin Noir
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