How to wear a NATO strap

How to wear your NATO strap?
Pt. 3: the inverted way

Ladies and Gentlemen, we’ve arrived at the last stop of the “How to Wear Your NATO Strap” series. Previously we showed you how to install and wear it the traditional “classic” way and the “thinner” way.

Today we’d like to jazz things up a bit and show you a third way: The “Inverted” Way.

The “Inverted” Way to Wear a NATO Strap

What you need: a watch with its spring bars already installed, a nice NATO strap, and follow these simple steps:

How to wear a Nato strap - The inverted way - Step 1

Step 1. Start by sliding the long end of the strap upward through the spring bars of the watch. In other words, slide the strap from the bottom part of the watch through the upper part.

Step 2. Take the long end again and slide it through the keeper. After you fasten it completely there should be two layers underneath the watch.

Step 3. Fasten the strap on your wrist while holding the buckle part still (as you will be fastening the watch strap in an “inverted” way). Then slide the tail upward through the two keepers toward you.

Step 4. You then have two ways to tuck the remaining “tail” of the strap: inward or outward. If you’ve read our first tutorial, you’ll know that we prefer the inward method because it just looks better… it is that simple.

The Nato strap - Worn the inverted way

Some of you may raise a brow thinking that the inverted way is peculiar, but rest assured, this is a legitimate way of wearing your NATO strap!

Moreover, for those who still exercise the art of writing by hand, you’ll notice an enhanced degree of comfort and ease while doing it… for lefties and righties. 

There you have it Gents. Three different ways to wear your NATO strap as you see fit, depending on your mood. Godspeed.

For those of you who need more visual details, we’ve got just the thing for you: a quick video tutorial. Just click play here below!

Click here to see the Classic Way again.
This way for the Thinner Way.

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