How to choose the right strap for your watch?

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How to choose the right strap for your watch?

We all know how important a watch is to a man’s wardrobe. It’s one of those killer details that can enhance or weaken your presence, essentially having the power to make an outfit go from “pretty nice” to “wow, looking good Sir,”….or the complete opposite.

To avoid the second case scenario, here are some Do’s & Don’ts to keep in mind when you’re choosing which watch’n’strap combo to wear in the morning. You wouldn’t want to cancel all the effort you put into carefully selecting your outfit by breaking it now would you?


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DO respect the nature of your watch

Rule Number 1: Whether it’s a Breitling Navitimer, an Omega Constellation, or a little Reverso from Jaeger LeCoultre you’re planning to wear, understanding their different worlds is the first step in dressing around it. Would you match white ankle sport socks with fine leather derbies? Let’s hope not.

It’s the same deal with watches and straps. Respecting the nature of your elegant vintage Omega Seamaster means don’t pair it with a thick electric blue shark skin strap.

Some recommendations…

Bracelet de montre en cuir de lézard noirBracelet TROPIC Caoutchouc VertTudor - Oyster Date Big Block - Montre VintageBracelet Rallye Montre - Cuir Velours Marron

Elegant Watches:
Opt for fine exotic or calfskin leathers that highlight the case…

…not overly rugged or thick straps that don’t work with your watch’s character.

Dive Watches:
Opt for stainless steel , braided Perlon, Tropic or isofrane rubber. All coherent with deep sea exploration.

Let’s try to avoid overly fashionable or other straps that visibly go against the nature of a dive watch.

Chronographs / Military Watches:
Patina leather, NATO straps in leather or in nylon, preferably not too new or washed-out to match the nature of the vintage piece works best.

Any type of low-quality leather or poorly-stitched straps is clearly not recommended.


Breitling Chronomat Ref. 808 - Calibre Vénus 175 - Circa 1960Nivada Grenchen Detached Indexes Ref 85001/3011 - Valjoux 92 - 1960's

DO harmonise with your individual style

As you may’ve noticed, on yourself or on others, once a watch is around a wrist, it becomes an extension of your personality, your style, your self. Better master the harmony in this picture or it won’t look pretty.

Add a hint of colour or some exotic leather to an understated outfit for an artsy touch. Don’t overplay it by adding on bright yellow pants and a pink button down. We’re not going for a human tropical cocktail look.

We’re also not aiming for general mismatches such as a real dive or tool watch with a classy suit. Obvious right?


Unrefined leather watch strapUnrefined leather watch strapUnrefined leather watch strapUnrefined leather watch strap

DON’T overlook the strap’s finish

Here, an eye for detail will make all the difference. In the same way that we would scrutinise the condition and fine detailing of a vintage watch before purchasing it, we suggest doing the same with the strap.The images here speak for themselves. Coarse finishing, random-like stitching, and rather suspicious colour associations. Enthusiasts beware.

Pay particular attention to the composition and fineness of the leather and other materials used. Focus on the stitching and the dye. Is it fine? Does it show machine marks?

As for the edge dye, it should be even and preferably matt after 2 coats applied by the artful hands of a skilled artisan.

When in harmony with the rest, a very well-finished strap will enhance any case and any ensemble.

Unfortunately it doesn’t work the other way around. It’d be a downright shame to ruin a quality watch with a low-end or mismatched strap …




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