Choosing your first ‘real’ watch

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Choosing your first 'real' watch

Not a matter to be taken lightly, choosing to take the plunge and considering your very first “real” watch is as exciting as much as it can be daunting. In today’s information society, we can easily get lost in the limitless amount of advice, reviews and explanations offered by different actors of the watch industry. Weeding through that is a real toughie, especially when we’re new to the game.

We have just the thing for you. A few simple suggestions to add more direction to your search…and to save you from as much head-spinning as possible.

Omega - Constellation Vintage - Bracelet Acier Jubilée

What exactly is a “real” watch?

Here at Joseph Bonnie, we’d like to think of a real watch as something more than an object that tells time. Maybe you bought it one day on a whim because you liked the colour, or maybe it was offered to you as a gift from an Aunt on your 16th birthday because she thought it was time you had a grown-up watch without a sailboat painted on the dial. Whatever the reason may be, it’s not exactly what we have in mind…something that will literally become a life partner, and make your eyes sparkle every time you put it on. It’s the one that will take on priceless sentimental value with age, and that you may one day pass down to your children. This, gentlemen, is a real watch.

Opt for versatility

Whether it’s an all-nighter frolicking through the streets of Paris, New York, or Tokyo, or backpacking your way through Patagonia between Argentina and Chile, our first watch should be able to adapt to different conditions. Ideally we can wear the piece as easily in a work suit, in our casual weekend urban wear, or relaxing in our favorite linens.

Omega - Speedmaster 145-012 - Bracelet Cuir Noir

Avoid the latest fads

Be careful not to fall into the fashion victim trap and choose your first watch because it’s the “hottest” thing right now. We all know that fads are short-lived flames and forgotten as quickly as they came. Chances are, not only will we risk regretting the purchase (very likely), but the watchmaking value on such a “hot” piece over time will be more than disappointing (surely).

Classic pieces with a timeless design are a sure value.

Trust your judgment

One of the most important pieces of advice we can give you is trust your gut. Choose a quality watch that you truly desire, one that inspires you, regardless of the superfluous factors. If it looks too big or too small on your wrist, it probably is (we talk about it here). If you feel uncomfortable wearing a piece, no matter how valuable it is objectively, it will show…and yes, you will definitely look awkward.

So be confident, trust your own judgment, and stick to it.


Omega Constellation Automatic Acier Bracelet Omega Rice Bean - Circa 1960

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