The making of Joseph Bonnie straps: the classic strap (Pt.1)

Bracelet de montre type Rallye - Cuir grainé Vert Sapin

The making of Joseph Bonnie straps: the classic strap (Pt.1)

I know what you’re thinking. It’s just a strip of leather, no biggie right? I’m sorry, but so, so wrong. It’s like saying Monet’s Nymphéas or Renoir’s portraits are just splotches of paint, that the Eiffel Tower is a pile of steel (although that’s probably what Parisians would say, they’re always complaining aren’t they…?). It actually takes a leather craftsman 40 to 55 minutes to make a single classic Joseph Bonnie leather strap. I bet you’re all ears now.


Necessity is the mother of invention…

So what’s all the fuss Mr. Craftsman? First seen at the end of the 19th century and dubbed as “wristlets,” early leather watch straps for men were made for the sole and unique purpose of fastening a watch to a wrist in a secure and convenient way. Whether they were soldiers, cyclists, aviators, etc. comfort and style were clearly not the priorities at that time, only its utility and efficiency. Today’s leather watch strap comes in endless varieties for a variety of uses, but your classic strap still resembles its forefathers. There are two pieces, a short piece with a buckle or clasp and floating keepers, and a long piece with adjustment holes.

So how do you choose between so many options? Here are a few basic criteria we suggest you look out for when evaluating a leather strap.

Accessoires et bracelets en cuir pigskin

Mind the design

When looking at the two pieces of the strap, you’ll notice that their sides are either straight, lightly tapered, or heavily tapered. At Joseph Bonnie, our classic models all belong to the 2nd category: lightly tapered.

There’s always a difference of 4mm between the spring bar holdings and the buckle (or the end if you’re looking at the long piece). It will offer a more refined look for a variety of watches. The strap will prolong the refined quality of a fine watch, in the same way that it will have a slimming effect on a watch with a heavier set.

Bracelets de montre crocodile - Marron noisette & Noir

Mind the leather quality

All our classic straps are made with natural soft leather from France (and Spain for our cowhide straps). This is simply because we believe, well, natural leather is the best. And it’s especially true if you’re one of those sensitive souls who love the beauty of patina.

Although it will grow on any one of our leather straps, the most extraordinary patina will develop on our straps made from Baranil leather. Yes, the same high-grade fine leather used by a leather specialists luxury brand we all know…

Mind the construction quality

A quality leather strap will have a quality build and finishing. As mentioned above, a classic Joseph Bonnie strap takes about 40 to 55 minutes to make by an expert craftsman, which, I don’t know about you, but inspires quality to me.

Each strap is made with layers of an upper leather, a reinforcing center, and leather bottom lining. The traditional finishing is done by hand, including stitching for some, and edge creasing for others. As for dye and edge dye, the coating is fine and even. 3 coats are applied, with appropriate drying time and gentle sanding in between.

Whichever leather strap maker you choose, one thing’s for sure, don’t ever settle for less than a high quality strap. You may think you’re getting a deal now, but you’ll regret it later… and sooner than you think.

Here’s a quick video to get a better idea:

Bracelet de Montre Bund - Cuir de Veau Marron Brillant
Bracelet Tropic Star - Cuir de veau grainé noir
Bracelet de montre - Cuir de veau grainé vert sapin

Our leather straps

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