A matter of taste,

a matter of family.

“Joseph and Bonnie were my grandparents.

Grandparents I saw throughout my childhood, and who weren’t surrounded by a lot of things, but by beautiful things.

Gabriel Vachette


Founded by the creator of the french online magazine called “Les Rhabilleurs”, Joseph Bonnie is above all the result from a simple observation: a lack of quality products not only within the watchmaking sector, but in the world that surrounds it.

 Out of this conclusion was born a burning desire to share with you all beautiful, timeless and authentic objects, designed for daily use, and much much more…


As you may already know, the magazine Les Rhabilleurs can be traced back to a story of family and heritage.

A passion for watches was passed down from father to son, when Joseph bestowed his Universal Genève chronograph to his son Patrick. As a result, Patrick became a passionate collector, enamoured with watchmaking, and passed it down to his son Gabriel, who eventually found “Les Rhabilleurs.”


Always impeccably dressed and with a cigar in his mouth, Joseph had a wife nicknamed “Bonnie.” One day behind the wheel of her British green MG-B, the next day busy refining her artistic talents between the countryside and Paris, she and her husband shared the same tasteful attention to detail that now characterizes the creations of “Joseph Bonnie.”

Watches Travel Pouch - Blue Leather and Grey Suede


Independent brand but also concept store, we offer a selection of products we love: French handcrafted creations, vintage watches, collector items and many other creative collaborations.

Objects that teach us not own anything that isn’t useful, only the lasting and the beautiful.


All our creations proposed under the brand “Joseph Bonnie” are designed by our team and produced by traditional craftsmen chosen for their exceptional expertise. In France, in the Limousin region, for the vast majority of our leather goods collection.

Balanced between form and function, but also between the object and its surroundings, our designs appear simple but are of exquisite quality, inspired by the past and reinterpreted with love.

The choice of the best materials, without concession, premium quality finishes for products that play with different time periods and fashions.



So what should you expect at Joseph BonnieNot necessarily a lot of things, but well designed objects, developed or chosen for their potential to satisfy and make us content.

To all those who support us, trust us and share these same values, once again we’d like to say Thank You.