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Laptop Sleeve - Waxed Cloth & Wool Felt

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The idea, as with all our creations: design, create, and put our hearts into a product that may seem common, but is nothing of the sort.This sleeve suits both MacBooks and PC’s up to 14 inches. We can slide a laptop inside, but also a notebook, pens, a wallet, and a smartphone just as easily.

Regarding its shape, smooth thick wool felt lines the inside and offers softness, warmth, and protection. Covering the outside is waxed cloth direct from Scotland. “Waxed” is what pheasant hunters or Californian surfers would say. Beyond a striking style, real protection against humidity and against Time itself.

The opening functions with two elegant pressure buttons, separated by a band of stitched leather. You may handle and manipulate your sleeve freely, as your laptop is safe and sound in its cozy home of wool felt and waxed cloth.

Thought and developed by true watch enthusiasts, and traditionally hand-crafted by our artisans in France.

Laptop Sleeve - Mac & PC - Wool Felt, Leather & Waxed Cloth


 simple yet extremely functional laptop sleeve designed to carry your laptop and other things, like a magazine or a notebook. An ideal companion for the weekend or business engagements, always with elegance and protection.

Scottish waxed canvas is very durable and protects your laptop and other belongings against humidity. French wool felt on the other hand is incredibly soft, scratch proof and as resistant as it gets.

Threading is present on the edges and 3 coats of a high quality matte dye were applied. Completely designed and created in our workshops in France.

We wish you bon voyage!

Laptop Sleeve - Mac & PC - Wool Felt, Leather & Waxed Cloth
Laptop Sleeve - Mac & PC - Wool Felt, Leather & Waxed Cloth