Blue Tropic Strap in silicone

The TROPIC Strap: An old legend revamped by Joseph Bonnie

You’ve already had the chance to meet our leather bracelets in their numerous versions. Today we’re going to focus on our TROPIC straps in silicone, available in three colors: black, khaki green and blue.

TROPIC Straps in Khaki Green, Blue & Black silicone JOSEPH BONNIE

The Story Behind the TROPIC Strap

The invention of the TROPIC strap is connected to the creation of dive watches, naturally. With a water-resistant case comes a need for a water-resistant strap. Steel bracelets do the job, but we’re not all fans of it and they’re not always comfortable.

At the beginning of the 1960’s, a rubber strap with a unique basket-weave pattern entered the scene: a legend was born.

We’re dealing with a special “vulcanized” natural rubber dive strap here, resistant to cracking, stretching, attraction of dust and UV rays and sea water as well. A hydrophobic strap, ideal for diving. It was also what equipped the first great legendary dive watches of the time. Rolex Submariner, Blancpain Fifty Fathoms and Jaeger LeCoultre Polaris, to name but a few.

From Rubber to Silicone

An authentic strap in vulcanized rubber from the TROPIC brand of the time goes for around 300€ today. This is why we worked at length to develop a more economical solution with unrivalled features for the time. The key element of our R&D? Silicone.

TROPIC Strap in Black silicone JOSEPH BONNIE

Extremely supple and hypoallergenic, our TROPIC straps will offer you optimal comfort and that certain look with its three new colors.

Paired with Which Watch(es)?

Three classic colors typically for vintage divers, echoing the famous TROPIC design we love so much, but this time with the incredible comfort of silicone.

Naturally all dive watches, vintage or modern, will go wonderfully with this historic strap, but not only. You’d be surprised how well an old racing-oriented chronograph or a little Omega Constellation would fit with this type of bracelet.

TROPIC Strap in Blue silicone JOSEPH BONNIE

What about an extra bonus? For addicts like us who change watch straps as often as shirts: these TROPIC straps are equipped with the “Easy Bar” system. No need for tools …very convenient during holidays, trips, or simply because you forgot your Bergeon in another jacket.