Rolex GMT-Master: Pepsi Max

Rolex - GMT Master 16750 - 1985

Rolex GMT-Master: Pepsi Max

Nicknamed “Pepsi” by Rolex aficionados, the enthusiasm for the GMT-Master is undeniable. The reference has become a symbol of investment and universal “object of desire.” This obviously didn’t happen overnight. It took years of work and changes to create the pristine image of the GMT-Master in our minds and make it the must have for any Rolex addict… The help of the occasional Hollywood movie star didn’t hurt of course.

It all began with the 6542 in 1954. Produced to adapt to the need of travelers and pilots for a 24-hour setting and a second time zone. A while later, in the iconic 1964 James Bond movie, Goldfinger, we saw the first model of the GMT-Master with the now famous red and blue Pepsi bezel. No other wrist could’ve made the watch appear more sexy than the seductive Pussy Galore. You remember seeing it now don’t you?

1959. A very important year in this story. Rolex releases the most emblematic of all GMT-Masters, the 1675. This time with an anodized aluminum insert. Don’t worry, a great number of other inserts and dials would be made available to accommodate different tastes.

Rolex GMT-Master 6542

Between 1981 and 2007, the GMT-Master would go through numerous changes and improvements: the 16750 “Quickset” would finally allow date adjustment at a blink of an eye, the first GMT-Master II reference 16760, a.k.a. “Sophia Loren,” would see the day dressed in a “Coke” insert in black and red before being replaced by a slimmer reference 16710 and a new movement and various inserts.

In 2007, Rolex presents the Steel/Gold version with a number of important changes: a ceramic bezel with platinum or gold numerals, a larger case, an advanced Triplock crown system to ensure greater water-resistance for the diver adventurers among you.

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