The Delectable Epicurean

Breezing into the contemporary French bistro like a breath of fresh air, tall and poised, Justine flashed a radiant smile my way. As she approached, a delightful “Hello” rolled off her tongue. A person with such inner glow, who emanated such positive energy, I thought to myself “Now there’s someone who knows how to take a bite out of life!”  It turns out, I was spot on. Yup, she had me at hello.

Passionate super-foodie who has tasted her way through Paris and other parts of the world, competitive athlete with an impressive pile of medals under her belt, and interior decorator at heart, this delightful Epicurean has another passion in life.

She’s helplessly infatuated with watches.

Now when I say infatuated, I don’t mean “Oh that’s cute, she has a little crush”. No, I’m talking full-out obsessive frenzy that occupies her mind perhaps a bit more than what’s considered “healthy.” But then again, who am I to judge? I’m so obsessed with good food that I dream about it during the day.

She gives us her side of the story below.

Who Are You?

Someone who likes to laugh and a true epicurean! I’m passionate about gastronomy and interior design, and always curious about new discoveries. Deeply value respect as well.


The coolest place you’ve ever brought your Joseph Bonnie strap (or other product)?

Somewhere between sea and mountains a few months ago. It was one of the first times I wore my new purchase: a Le Mans rallye strap.

Your fondest memory when you look at the watch you’re wearing today?

I love this watch so much … a Rolex Explorer 114270. The best memory was when I acquired the piece. It is timeless, simple and incredible at the wrist! It’s a watch I will never part with. I remember very fondly the day I wore it for the very first time.

Rolex also holds my entire attention, or should I say my watch obsession! The simplicity of my Explorer 114270 and the more sporty side of a 5513 … What absolute stunners.

On the other hand, Panerai is the brand that introduced me to the world of Haute Horlogerie. Panerai allows you to enjoy completely different styles depending on the models: relatively classic for the Radiomir and more “alternative” and casual for the Submersible.

And if we add the multitude of possible straps, then the real fun can begin! This is exactly what I do with the 2 Panerai models I have.

It’s true that I’m increasingly interested in vintage watches and my collection is becoming more about watches with beautiful patina and life experiences.

 Do you think of an object’s degree of excellence is defined by its design or by its ability to evolve over time?

Both are intimately connected. The success of an object is precisely the association of the two aspects: design and timelessness. There is a bit of a visionary side in all of this!

As a matter of fact, this is exactly what attracts me to certain objects in general, and in particular watchmaking.

A message, perhaps, for Florence (who applied the edge dye on your strap)? 

How would you call Florence’s profession? (laughs)

Thank you Florence!

 A song to end this encounter? 

I really like Soul, Jazz, Funk, and Opera.

Let’s go for “Damn, dis-moi“ from Christine and The Queens. I just love it!


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