Best Wishes

 Dear Friends,

Allow me to take advantage of this end of the year to take a look back at an adventure we all hold very dear to our hearts. One that occupies our days and sometimes our nights, one that, to me personally, says family. Joseph Bonnie.

Thousands of you have given us your trust in the past two years. Believing in our creativity, in our products, but especially sharing the common philosophy of sound quality purchases and products. Products that we sometimes save up and anxiously wait for, and ones we enjoy a lifetime of use before passing it on.

It is thus without insignificance that on behalf of the entire “Les Rhabilleurs x Joseph Bonnie” team, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Joseph Bonnie: A Look Back

The concept really began to ripen in our minds around 3 years ago. To share our love for well-designed products and the values ​​they convey, and basically make things we no longer find on the market into reality.

After months of hard work, “Joseph Bonnie” was born on October 2016.


Joseph and Bonnie were my grandparents. Grandparents I saw throughout my childhood, and who weren’t surrounded by a lot of things, but by beautiful things.

True role models who’ve influenced my mindset today. Accumulating beautiful well-designed objects has never been their main purpose. What matters most are the infinite ways we may enjoy the precious daily moments of happiness, renewed each time we use them.

Changing your watch strap


An independent brand as well as digital space where we offer a selection of objects we love and use ourselves. From French handcrafted creations, antique watches, and collectibles to other items from creative collaborations, our goal has always been, and will always be, a quest to make nothing more than useful, durable and profoundly beautiful objects in the simplest and best way possible.


Tomorrow will be the moment to have you over in a nice place with a pleasant atmosphere and talk about timeless long-lasting objects over coffee or an old-fashioned (after working hours of course).

Rolex Submariner

The Design of our Leather Goods

The manufacture of our leather goods passes through a multitude of steps and through the hands of women and men with admirable skills.

It all starts in our offices where we imagine what the products of tomorrow may be.

This is followed by several trips to the Limousin region in the center of France for the prototyping stages, the choice of leathers, desired finishes… It is then a skilled team of traditional craftsmen who will cut the leathers, fix the flexible reinforcements and make the finishing touches, edge creases, threading, and edge dye.

Finally, it is only after an extensive series of tests and daily use that these creations are proposed to you at a fair and reasonable price, leave the workshops to accompany you day after day, and for a very long time.

Our approach here is again very simple, if we aren’t convinced of the usefulness or the concrete result of a project, that we wouldn’t use it on a daily basis, rest assured, it’ll never see the light of day.

So what should you expect at Joseph Bonnie? Not necessarily a lot of objects, but well thought out objects, developed for their potential to satisfy and make us all content.

To all those who support us, trust us and share these same values, once again we’d like to say Thank You.

We wish you Happy Holidays, enriching relationships and a few gifts that make sense, from us or somewhere else…