The International Gourmet Chef


Some people have an appetite for fine cuisine, some love taking pictures of it. Then there are those who create it. Brilliant assistant chef in Grandma’s kitchen from the tender of age of 4 years old, Guillaume is such one creator. He would continue these gastronomic adventures into his adult years. This time, however, in the prestigious kitchens of renowned Michelin-starred restaurants and 5-star grand hotels in France, Switzerland, and finally, in Russia.

Great country of Tolstoï, vodka, and Sputnik 1, Guillaume would end up living in Russia for 14 years. And as luck would have it, Moscow would be where his incurable passion for vintage watches was born. More precisely at the Moscow Antiques Market. There were more than enough watchmakers, repair shops, and vintage markets in the Ruski city to keep his passion alive and thriving.

Today in the Sultanate of Oman, Guillaume is still a gastronomic chef, passionate watch collector … and still in love with Russia. True love never dies.

He explains more here below …

Leather & Tropic Watch Strap Lineup

Who Are You?

French chef living in Muscat, capital of the Sultanate of Oman, family man and passionate about vintage watches. I started collecting watches in 2004 after visiting the antiques market in Moscow, Russia.


The coolest place you’ve ever brought your Joseph Bonnie strap (or other product)?

I don’t wear very my Joseph Bonnie straps often. Mainly I reserve them for my vintage and collector timepieces. Having said that, I spent almost all my vacation this year with my Omega Seamaster 300 GMT on a blue JB Tropic strap. Both of them had the chance to see beautiful landscapes around Lake Como in Italy this summer. A great family vacation.


Blue Tropic Watch Strap


Your fondest memory when you look at the watch you’re wearing today?

Today I am wearing a Speedmaster 145.012 from 1965. My best memory is mixed between anguish, expectation, deliverance and finally, joy when it arrived. At that time I lived in Moscow and to have a watch delivered from Belgium to Russia, even using FedEx, was really scary. Three days of Hell this was…

And finally, it arrived. Perfect, magnificent with its cream-colored patina and chocolate dial. I often wear it with a brown Joseph Bonnie Le Mans rallye strap.

Brown Calfskin Leather Rallye Watch Strap 


Do you think of an object’s degree of excellence is defined by its design or by its ability to evolve over time?

The two are closely related. The most successful designs are timeless like the watches and cars from the 1960’s, blue jeans, Stan Smith sneakers… Modern objects today have been largely inspired by the most remarkable and most successful designs.

 A message, perhaps, for Florence (who applied the edge dye on your strap)? 

Beautiful as a slice of grilled country bread paired with homemade pâté… This is the chef side of me that’s talking now!

Seriously though, Bravo. This is one of the biggest differences when compared to other Made in Italy watch straps. With this detail we clearly see the trustworthiness and quality of your brand. 

 A song to end this encounter? 

At the moment it’s the album “Station 13” by Indochine. It’s been a long time since they’ve released such a good album, I love it. Takes me back to when I was 15 years old ?.


Guillaume's JB Selection