Geoffrey Fossier Portrait

The Meticulous One

Sharp, meticulous, and extremely refined from head to toe. This is how I’d describe Geoffrey in a nutshell. Not a hair out of place, a button unbuttoned, nor a single wrinkle on his shirt. Impressive. A former Teacher’s Pet? Perhaps. But also a bright, sensitive and intelligent young man with a passion for beautiful objects. What a coincidence.

With eyes as sharp as a fox behind his modern architect-style glasses, he tells me that other than spending time with his wife and child, one of his greatest daily pleasures is also coordinating what to wear each morning. More precisely, which watch-and-strap combo with which outfit. “A successful ensemble is one that’s harmonious,” he explains. It’s not surprising then that he’s heads digital marketing at a prestigious French newspaper company.

It’s with the same analytical eye that he has begun building his watch collection. A fan of technical design, Geoffrey carefully selects each watch by its harmonious composition and by the stories they tell. So no, he’s not into modern watches.

He continues here below…

Vintage Tudor Prince Oysterdate & blue leather watch strap

Who are you?

A meticulous and passionate young man, in love with beautiful everyday objects.

Although my interest in watches is relatively recent, I’ve embraced it wholeheartedly, body and soul. Since then, I have been trying to build an ideal collection that reflects the various facettes of my personality.

I love wearing pieces that are full of stories and history, through which I can imagine what their previous lives would be.




The coolest place you’ve ever brought your Joseph Bonnie strap (or other product)?

Without a doubt this summer when my son got us out of bed at dawn to go to the beach and accompany him for his first swim.

By the way, JB Perlon straps develop a very nice patina with sea water!


Vintage Omega Constellation & brown leather watch strap


Your fondest memory when you look at the watch you’re wearing today?

An Omega Constellation Pie Pan from 1966, for my 30th birthday. A superb watch really, with genuine refinement, that I’ll keep for the rest of my life.

I haven’t had it for long, but I will never forget the look on my partner’s face when I opened the box, so worried about whether or not I would like the model she chose for me.

Geoffrey Fossier Portrait 


Do you think of an object’s degree of excellence is defined by its design or by its ability to evolve over time?

By its design which, in my opinion, encompasses both aesthetic and functional aspects of an object. It is a whole, indivisible.

Each object fits in a space of time, and responds to a need. To have an object evolve from its original shape or function is, in my opinion, the best way to break its authenticity.

Who would consider installing helium valves on old divers?



 A message, perhaps, for Florence (who applied the edge dye on your strap)? 

Whenever I wear my straps, I’m awed by the incredible result. Congratulations on this flawless job.

Geoffrey Fossier Portrait 


 A song to end this encounter? 

A bit of rock’n’roll with “You Really Got Me” by the Kinks.

A song I particularly like, and one of the many titles on the Mad Men series soundtrack. We can find all the standards of masculine elegance there from the 1960’s and 1970’s, including beautiful watch cameo roles like the Reverso and the Jaeger Memovox, the Rolex Explorer or the beautiful Tudor Prince Oysterdate.


Geoffrey's JB Selection