Damien Sauer Portrait

The Cultivated Collector

 Once every blue moon you meet someone that makes a lasting print in your mind. A rare free spirit who, by his profound culture, open mind, and charismatic charm, truly inspires. This is Damien.

One could go on and on about his brilliant international studies and career abroad…but we won’t. What’s interesting about Damien, besides a truly open and curious mind, is his highly cultured and, dare I say it, nonconformist nature.

Much of this can be explained by a unique upbringing, thanks to a cultivated and inspirational father. Damien’s family would live in several countries in Africa and be constantly surrounded by art and antiques. “To nourish ourselves in other ways than fine restaurants” as the father would so elegantly put it.

Traveling the world for business, Damien continues to nourish his mind with different horizons and art, especially African and Asian works. His greatest passion, nonetheless, remains vintage timepieces with authentic stories to tell; if not, don’t even bother showing him. Even better – and this really lights his face up – timepieces with beautiful patina on the dial.

He tells us more here below…

Vintage Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner

Who are you?

I am a fan of timepieces, and only ones that tell a story… A freediver in search of the feeling of “suspension of time” offered by the great ocean depths… And an entrepreneur who believes in his lucky star!


The coolest place you’ve ever brought your Joseph Bonnie strap (or other product)?

On a terrace overlooking Lake Zürich! From the wooded vine the facade and my Le Mans rallye strap was most beautifully highlighted. Especially since I paired it with a Seiko 6139 chronograph with a sea-blue dial from the early 1970’s. I love the idea of ​​matching vintage “democratic” watches with a magnificent strap.

Seiko chronograph & Brown calfskin leather rallye strap

Your fondest memory when you look at the watch you’re wearing today?

This is a gold & steel Sub 16613 from the 1990’s whose dial has taken on purple reflections over time. It’s from my father. When I look at it, I see his hands again and I feel his strength.

Vintage Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner

Do you think of an object’s degree of excellence is defined by its design or by its ability to evolve over time?

I think the beauty of an object is timeless. Its condition may deteriorate over time, but the lines remain and provide the same emotion.

 A message, perhaps, for Florence (who applied the edge dye on your strap)? 

Florence, you are an artist. Your approach to detail makes me say that you would truly enjoy a stroll in the tranquil gardens of Kyoto!

Damien Sauer Portrait

 A song to end this encounter? 

“Caravan” of course! Although I’d advise the protagonist who plays in the film “Whiplash” to wear a quartz watch…

Damien's JB Selection