Portrait Bastien Manceau

The Street-Chic Enthusiast

 When you first glance at Bastien with his urban demeanour and confident hip stride, most would think, “Great, another dime-a-dozen Parisian bad-boy wannabe.” As a matter of fact, I’m not sure about the bad-boy wannabe part, but “dime-a-dozen” definitely not.

This fine young man from a little town in Western France was always interested in watches, and for as long as he can remember. A first automatic mechanical watch at 16, then two years later at 18, his first vintage Omega. What followed would be the beginning of his obsession, a vintage watch collection, a watch blog Sablier Watches, and oh yes, did I mention that he’s the Watches Category Manager at Vestiaire Collective

Watches are not his only passion mind you.

I’ll leave him the honour of telling you the rest… 

Vintage Record Military Watch & Brown Leather NATO Strap


Who are you?

Vintage enthusiast and lover of vintage watches for several years now, I have the chance to live my passion today. I think I have a bad case of collector’s syndrome but I’m under special care and do my best to limit my collection: fewer but more beautiful pieces. Besides watches I’m really into all kinds of beautiful objects with authentic stories to tell. I recently indulged myself in a number of vintage stocks and bonds from the early 20th century.


The coolest place you’ve ever brought your Joseph Bonnie strap (or other product)?

My Miles Gold (paired with my Rolex Datejust 1601 from 1969) has recently been on a rooftop in Florence, Tuscany, before a breathtaking view of the Duomo Santa Maria Del Fiore cathedral at sunset. Not too shabby if I say so myself.

Portrait Bastien Manceau

Your fondest memory when you look at the watch you’re wearing today?

The day when I bought it from a small vintage military watch seller in London. I was looking for a place to take refuge because it was cold and raining, and I saw this shop. I entered and the rest is history…! I love the story of the Dirty Dozen and this little Record has amazingly irresistible charm. It seemed logical for me to buy it in a specialized shop in London, the story made sense, and it is honorable to keep these legends of the Dirty Dozen alive.

Do you think of an object’s degree of excellence is defined by its design or by its ability to evolve over time?

I think an object is successful when it is durable and timeless. It means that its design and the materials used must not be compromised. The ability to cross time requires the robustness and timelessness of an object. The design mustn’t be too complex nor too out of the ordinary in terms of style to survive.

A message, perhaps, for Florence (who applied the edge dye on your strap)? 

Florence, thank you for the work done, the edge dye is the very detail that separates a beautiful high quality strap from the rest. Bravo!

Portrait Bastien Manceau

A song to end this encounter? 

A timeless classic by a living legend: “Superstition” by Stevie Wonder. The song is great in every way and I can listen to it on repeat without getting tired of it. Released in 1972, the same year as the Royal Oak…we’re approaching perfection here.

Bastien's JB Selection